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Organisational Directors and Managements come under increasing pressure to improve productivity with fewer       resources, against the backdrop of tougher employment and social legislation and the struggle to recruit and retain suitable employees.

As a result, Strategy gets sidelined by the demands of Operational issues.


HRmeansbusiness Ltd meets a variety of business needs by tackling Human Resources related Assignments and Projects whilst ensuring that clients acquire the skills and tools to manage for themselves once our involvement is completed.

Buying HR & payroll software. Tap into the know-how in this book specially prepared for practitioners by one of the foremost experts in HRIS selection.

The HRIS Surgery commences will return in February 2018 

  • The Surgery will have 3 x 20-minute slots
  • 1.00 p.m. GMT – 1.20 p.m. GMT / 0800 EST
  • 1.25 p.m. GMT – 1.45 p.m. GMT / 0825 EST
  • 1.50 p.m. GMT – 2.10 p.m. GMT / 0850 EST

To book:

  • Email at
  • Tweet @deniswbarnard
  • Skype at denisbarnard
  • Chat on Skype or we call you on a designated number.
  • Send us an overview of your problem in advance if you wish.


Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software

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