creating ability not dependency


HRmeansbusiness Ltd was incorporated in 2000, born out of a belief among a small group of professional HR specialists that HR as an activity needed to fully meet the business needs of the organisations where it was deployed, and yet reflect a more strategic side than the more familiar administrative face.

To address this, the group decided to set up a resource that could tackle HR-related tasks or projects of any size or complexity, but without causing any addition to client company headcount. A consultancy, yes, but differing inasmuch as HRmeansbusiness Ltd completes every job by giving clients the tools and training to continue for themselves after the original assignment has been concluded.


Our Business Ethics are:

“Creating Capability, Not Dependency: – when the job is done, so are we”;

“We do not accept work where we feel we cannot genuinely make an improvement”;

“We do not charge excessive fees or expenses. Indeed, we modify our fee structures for smaller organisations”;

“We keep overheads low, and all chargeable expenses are reasonable, to ensure that our client fees are realistic and sustainable”.

The founding Directors are:

Lesley-Anne Chinnery

Specialist in: Strategic & Operational HR, Operational efficiencies, Employment Law and Employee Relations, and Management Development; Qualified to Levels A & B (British Psychological Society) and OPQ (Saville & Holdsworth) for Psychometric Testing.

Denis W Barnard.

Specialist in: Strategic and Operational HR, Computerised HR Systems. Project Management and Implementation. Qualified to Levels A & B (British Psychological Society) for Psychometric Testing.

Neither Lesley-Anne nor Denis are “HR only” professionals, as they have backgrounds in Retail Management and Accounting and Credit Management respectively. This diverse experience constitute a real benefit as they facilitate the focus on meeting overall business issues, rather than those relating to HR in isolation.

Our Associates form a widely-skilled group of HR practitioners with specialisms such as Assessment Centres, Recruitment, Appraisals and Performance Management, Employee Development / Training, Psychometric Testing, and so on.